My desire to write books, more than anything, comes from a desire to make people feel the way books have always made me feel. My favorites are the ones that touch my heart, whether it soars with joy and happiness or breaks with the frailty of life and love. For these reasons, I write about love, heartache, and all of the moments in between.

I am a mom, to an amazing young man. Everything else in life is just a way to keep busy, between laughs with him – or a way to pay for his sports equipment and growing feet. No, really, his feet are out of control!

When I was twelve years old I hit the big leagues by winning a Young Authors Award (okay, okay it was only within my school district, shhhhh). Although, I have been unable to duplicate this success, in my adult writing, I’m giving it my best shot.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, with my son and our chocolate lab. We enjoy the sun when it shines and the snow when it falls. When we aren’t dancing in the rain or singing at the top of their lungs, in the car, we are planning our dream vacations…which we might even get to take some day.